- Melissa McCormack from Toronto

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Refinishing Of Wood Floors
Floor Laying & Refinishing review in Toronto

Francisco and his team did an amazing job refinishing the wood floors on the second floor of our house as well as our stairway. Our house is 102 years old and the wood floors, which are original, were in very poor condition but they managed to make the floors look incredible. I couldn't believe it when I saw them. After months of renovations, finally, we had a happy moment!

They also repaired the floors in certain spots where wood had rotted or walls had been removed. It is difficult to see where the repairs are. Everything blends seamlessly.

They are incredibly fastidious and have exceptionally high standards for their work. They came in on weekends - including a long weekend - to get the job done. They also came by several times to apply an additional coat of stain. They are very customer-oriented, polite, professional, and lovely to work with.